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Clean Skin Club

Clean Skin Club - Sleep Silver Ion Pillowcase

Clean Skin Club - Sleep Silver Ion Pillowcase

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Made from an innovative blend of super-soft materials like EcoCell™ Lyocell,

Combed Turkish Cotton, and Tanboocell™ Bamboo Fiber, the Clean Sleep Silver Ion Pillowcase feels like a dream against your skin. What sets this pillowcase apart is its unique coating of silver ions. These ions work wonders in preventing bacteria from forming and multiplying on your pillowcase, preventing unwanted bacteria. Discover the missing piece to your nighttime routine with the Clean Sleep Pillowcase, because sleep care is self-care.



  • Soft Touch: EcoCell™ Lyocell, Combed Turkish Cotton, and Tanboocell™ Bamboo fiber blend is gentle on all skin types
  • Acne Defense: Silver ions help keep skin clearer by warding off bacteria
  • Odor-Free Sleep: Silver ions ensure freshness and easy skin breathing
  • Hypoallergenic: Our blend offers peace to those with sensitivities

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